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Forgive me lord, if I have asked for more than I’ve thanked you for.

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No matter how careful you are, there’s going to be the sense you missed something, the collapsed feeling under your skin that you didn’t experience it all. There’s that fallen heart feeling that you rushed right through the moments where you should’ve been paying attention.

— Chuck Palahniuk (via larmoyante)

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Hello darling, sorry about that.
Sorry about the bony elbows, sorry we
lived here, sorry about the scene at the bottom of the stairwell
and how I ruined everything by saying it out loud.

— Richard Siken, excerpt from Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out (via christopherevan)

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a new drawing


a new drawing

The French have a phrase for it. The bastards have a phrase for everything and they are always right. To say goodbye is to die a little.

— Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye (via larmoyante)

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My palms are bleeding
and red has never been my color. 

For some reason
I’m still more human 
than I’d care to be. 

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i. Goodbye is the unsung song we forgot to
tell each other about.
ii. My friend tells me love is tying yourself to
a train track and letting everyone trample right over you.
She says there’s no way to love without walking away
bloody bruised broken and bent.
iii. I have been a stuttering farewell ever since
he left. For some reason he’s still here. 

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The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it.

James Baldwin (via rebeccabriannee)

This is exactly what I tell my students who tell me they don’t fit in with any of the “groups” at school. I tell them, also, that one day they will regard not fitting in as the best sort of good luck. —Nobody

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